Cute Chibi Tarot

Cute Chibi Tarot brings all things adorable and cute to tarot and fortune-telling. With all Major and Minor Arcana, Cute Chibi Tarot is a the cutest addition to your tarot collection! Explore the past, present, and future with this beautifully illustrated tarot deck and find out what awaits you. Including the Empress, Fool, and traditional tarot archetypes, this vibrant tarot deck is making it easy and fun to find what matters most to you. Cute Chibi Tarot is inspired by the classic Rider-Waite illustrations and comes with a beautifully designed step-by-step guidebook. Follow your guide and find your past, present, and future with this adorable tarot deck!

About the Author

Yoai is a Toronto-based anime artist with a worldwide fan base and popular accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, and YouTube under the handle @yoaihime. She is the author of Chibi Art Class and Anime Art Class.
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