Meerkat 33cm Small Standing Soft Toy by Hansa


Meerkats, a symbol of family if ever there was one. 

The meerkat is a small mongoose found in southern Africa. It is characterised by a broad head, large eyes, a pointed snout, long legs, a thin tapering tail, and a brindled coat pattern. The head-and-body length is around 24–35 cm, and the weight is typically between 0.62 and 0.97 kg. Meerkats may be able to handle a bite from some types of venomous snakes. Did you know that meerkats do not need extra water in their diets. They get all the moisture they need from the insects and grubs they eat

Made in the Phillipines by skilled artisans - each piece is handcrafted and filled with recycled PE bottles made into fibre so it helps the environment.

Size - 33cm so this is life-size for a Meerkat!

Suitable for 3Y+

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