About Us

Leura Cabinet of Curiosities specialises in handcrafted items that allow the young at heart to explore and expand their imaginations. With a focus on beautifully designed and crafted products from around the world, and an interest in science and the unusual.

Leura Cabinet of Curiosities, established in 2021, by Lindy and Paul du Moulin, is committed to offering heirloom quality products that are crafted using environmentally sustainable practices and materials made by artisans. The couple began their journey in 2011, by creating a retail store for women in Leura called Teddy Sinclair, which specialises in handcrafted leather bags and beautiful jewellery and accessories. Then in 2014, they created a new store next door, especially designed for men, called the Man Cave which includes all sorts of great stuff for men, like shaving gear, handcrafted leather bags, tailored jackets and original Tees and Caps and other great accessories.

And now they have turned their attention to creating a store for anyone young at heart, that is magical and intriguing.

Come in and enjoy the experience in Leura or check us out online, and experience all that a 'cabinet of curiosities' for the young at heart can show you.

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