Intriguing Perfume Bottle Teardrop Necklace


During the Victorian era, the scent was not worn on the body but rather sniffed when one came upon unsavory smells in your local town or village. In more modern eras, these small bottles allowed a lady to refresh her scent if she happened upon a gentleman whom she wished to impress or if she happened to exert herself. In times when sewage and sanitation weren’t yet developed, the carrying and wearing of scent also made the day to day routine more pleasant. 

Luckily these days we dont need to use a perfume bottle for that use but what a romantic look back to those earlier days.

This perfume bottle pendant is skillfully handcrafted from polished sterling silver although it does not open, it still looks intriguing. The Chain is a fabulous 45cm fine ball chain. 

All Hand Made from 925 sterling silver by skilled artisans in Mexico

Size - Height of pendant 3.3cm, width of pendant 0.8cm

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