Brigid - Goddess of Healing & Childbirth Statue

Brigid is a goddess of pre-Christian Ireland. She appears in Irish mythology as a member of the Tribe of Gods. She is associated with wisdom, poetry, healing, protection, smithing, and domesticated animals. Cormac's Glossary, written in the 9th century by Christian monks, says that Brigid was "the goddess whom poets adored" and that she had two sisters: Brigid the healer and Brigid the smith, which suggests she may have been a triple deity.
This item is made of Cold Cast Bronze.

Cold cast bronze is when real powdered bronze metal is mixed in with resin. It is then cast into a mould creating a very realistic replica of a solid bronze piece. This process creates a high quality piece with much greater detail than you will see with a solid bronze piece. These pieces are hand painted to bring out beautiful detail.

Measures: 24cm(H) x 17cm(W) x 14cm(D)
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