Ring-Tailed Possum Standing 21cm by Hansa


The common ringtail possum is an Australian marsupial. It lives in a variety of habitats and eats a variety of leaves of both native and introduced plants, as well as flowers, fruits and sap. This possum also consumes a special type of faeces that is produced during the daytime when it is resting in a nest. This behaviour is called caecotrophy and is similar to that seen in rabbits.

Common ringtail possums are to be found along Australia’s eastern coastline, Western Australia’s southwestern corner and in Tasmania. They live in tropical or temperate areas, rarely in drier areas, usually in dense brush forests which are plentiful with eucalyptus.

Made in the Phillipines by skilled artisans - each piece is handcrafted and filled with recycled PE bottles made into fibre so it helps the environment.

Suitable for 3 years +
Measures 21cmH x 42cmL

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