'Caesar’s Calendar' by Project Genius


Early civilisations shaped our world by solving puzzles. Faced with a problem, they were able to visualise and execute a creative solution with a few resources. These brilliant innovations are the foundations of our modern society and the mark of true genius.

Caesar's Calendar was used in Rome starting in 46BC due to constant political manipulation used in the previous Roman Calendar. Also known as the Julian Calendar, this invention divided the year into 12 months while also introducing the concept of a leap day! Amazingly, a version of Caesar's Calendar is still used today. 

Combining this long-lived Roman invention with the inquisitive nature of ancient people, Caesar's Calendar will provide you with a daily challenge worthy of a True Genius.

Arrange all the pieces on the board to show today’s date. Can be solved every day of the year.

Ages 8+
Difficulty: 4/5

Box Size 13.5 x 17.5cm

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