Mexican Silver Scarab Earrings


The scarab was closely connected with the beetle-faced god Khepri in Ancient Egypt, who was believed to roll the sun across the sky every morning, in the same manner a beetle would roll balls of dung along the ground. Just as the beetle’s ball would provide nourishment for their larvae and foster life, so would Khepri keep the cycle of life revolving with the sun. An important spiritual metaphor, the scarab ultimately represents the eternal cycle of life, birth, death and ultimately, rebirth. Inscribed with the names of gods or religious figures, scarabs were also placed within tombs or mummy’s wrappings atop the heart, considered the seat of the mind, to provide safety and guidance in the afterlife.

The skilled mexican artisans have created a stunning version of the scarab beetle using their incredible talent with silver. Introduce this romantic talisman into your life by wearing these magnificent earrings.

Ethically Hand Made from 925 sterling silver in Mexico by skilled artisans

Width - 1.5cm, Length - 3.6cm

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