Dilophosaurus Puppet by Hansa


This Dilophosaurus Puppet is great for dinosaur play, interactive storytelling, and puppet shows, as this large carnivore comes right out of your imagination and into reality.

It is made of super soft, plush fabric, with a muscular blue grey body which is darker on its back and limbs, and features a lighter cream underbelly. On its head is its characteristic orange crest, which matches the orange tip on the end of its long tail. This Dino puppet is ready for some prehistoric fun.

Please note: Hansa Puppets are floppy and do not stand on their own as shown in some of the official product photos. While this puppet has moveable arms and head, the mouth does not open and close.

Size approx. 50 x 30 x 25 cm (LWH)

Suitable for ages 3+

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