'Egyptian Coin Trade' by Project Genius

Do you have the intelligence of an ancient Egyptian merchant?

Traveling and collecting payments from all the nations of the ancient world, the merchants of Egypt had a lot of different types of coins they needed to organize...

Three lines of coins are out of order and need to be sorted by value from gold to silver to bronze. It sounds simple, but as you discover the limitations of their movement, you'll quickly realize you just might be in over your head.

Use the images to discern the value and movement of each coin. Can you find the pattern that allows 2 colors to trade places?

  • Turn the dials until all 12 columns add up to 42.
  • Sliding disc puzzle of arranging coins into the correct order
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, problem-solving, critical thinking
  • Slide and arrange the coins from gold to silver to bronze

Level 5 out of 5 difficulty

Suitable for 13 years +

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