Brass NSW Fireman's Helmet & Stand


When the Metropolitan Fire Brigade was formed in Sydney in 1884, the London Fire Brigade uniform, including the brass helmet, was adopted. Senior Officers' helmets were nickel plated to give a silver finish. When MFB expanded to become the NSW Fire Brigades in 1910, the front plate was changed from MFB to NSWFB.

The traditional English brass helmet, known as the Merryweather type, was originally adopted in England in the 1870s by Captain Eyre Massey Shaw, Chief Officer, of the London Metropolitan Fire Brigade. Captain Shaw had visited Paris in 1868 and seen the French fire fighters there and the helmet was adapted from the ones they wore. This was then subsequently introduced by the various colonial brigades in Australia. Brass helmets were used by the NSW Fire Brigade until May 1964 when they were replaced by polycarbonate helmets.

Design: NSW Merryweather & Cornell Annandale 1906

Key Attributes: Hand Crafted, Decorative, Polished Brass Finish

Uses: Home Decor, Gift, Souvenir, Collectable, History, Art and Craft.

MaterialsGold finish Brass


  • Overall: 260(L) x 340(W) x 430(H) mm (Approx)
  • Product Weight: 2.0 kg (inc. stand)

Please note: This item is a reproduction, inspired by vintage and antique designs and made to closely match the originals. Each item is handmade by master artisans using often centuries old techniques and traditions. As they are handcrafted, no two items will be identical. Some natural variations and imperfections are inherent in the materials and construction processes used, making each item truly unique. 


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