Genetics and DNA Science kit


Did you know your body consists of 100 trillion cells? If you laid them out in a straight line, they would wrap around the world 100 times!!

With the Genetics & DNA Lab kit, you won't only learn about the history of genetic research. You'll get hands-on experience with experiments, including building your own DNA model.

A special laboratory is not required for these simple experiments, you can discover science from your own home!

With 20 experiments included, you'll learn all about:

  • Isolating Genetic Material
  • Heredity: Investigating Traits - Learn how traits are passed from parents to children
  • Cells & Chromosomes - Find out where the DNA is located in our bodies
  • Decoding the Structure of DNA - Crack the code of the double helix
  • The DNA Evidence Solves the Crime - Learn how forensic scientists use DNA fingerprinting
  • The Age of Genetic Engineering - Grow a bacteria colony to learn about genetic engineering

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

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