Kindle the Flame Match Stick Necklace

The match Stick is a reminder to let your light shine bright. The spiritual meaning encompasses transformation, ignition, creation, illumination, and enlightenment. It’s not just about the physical act of igniting a flame; it’s about the metaphorical fire that it kindles in our hearts and minds.
Wear this necklace as a reminder to let your inner light glow or give it as a gift to the one who lights up your world.

Love the way this Match is held at both ends and is skillfully handcrafted from sterling silver. it still looks intriguing and is a harmonious shape. The Chain is a fabulous 42cm plus 5cm extender chain in a fine box chain. 

All Hand Made from 925 sterling silver by skilled artisans in Mexico

Size - Height of pendant 0.5cm, width of pendant 3.5cm

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