Horakhty (God of Sun) Statue


The sun god is also known as Ra-Horakhty (the "Horus of the horizon") and Atum (the "All"), the substance from which all creation developed.

Re-Horakhty is identified as a falcon-headed, human-bodied god who wears a crown in the shape of a sun disk surrounded by a cobra, or a crown made of ram's horns and ostrich feathers.


  • Material: Cold Cast Bronze Coated Polyresin
  • Measurement: 40cm(H) x 13cm(W) x 14cm(D)
  • Unique intricate design
  • Great craftsmanship

This item is made of Cold Cast Bronze Polyresin. 

Cold cast bronze is when real powdered bronze metal is mixed in with resin. It is then cast into a mould creating a very realistic replica of a solid bronze piece. This process creates a high quality piece with much greater detail than you will see with a solid bronze piece. These pieces are hand painted to bring out beautiful detail.

Fabulous in look and quality.

An awesome piece for those that have everything!

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