Ancient Greek Coin Necklace


Hoards of Greek coins are still being found in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. Due to the numbers in which they were produced, the durability of the metals, and the ancient practice of burying large numbers of coins to save them, coins are an ancient art within the reach of ordinary collectors. This is a replica of an ancient Greek coin and is made from sterling silver. One one side is the greek head of Persephone (coin minted in the years 310 - 305 BC) and the other is a warrior but is of course up side down as it was cast from a real coin.

This coin pendant is beautifully handcrafted from polished sterling silver and looks fab on. The Chain is a fabulous 45cm snake chain. 

All Hand Made from 925 sterling silver by skilled artisans in Mexico

Size - Height of pendant 2.2cm, width of pendant 1.5cm

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