Mysterious Mermaid Earrings


How dreamy are these handcrafted sterling silver Mermaid earrings.  Mermaids have captured our imaginations for centuries, appearing in art, literature, and folklore from all around the world. As half-human and half-fish creatures, they are both mysterious and alluring as they captivate the sailors and lead them to their doom with their feminine charm. Mermaids are the ideal of feminine beauty and sensuality. Wear these delightful earrings as an appreciation of the natural world and as a fanciful creation of human imagination.

Just look at the detailed workmanship on these earrings.

Ethically Hand Made from 925 sterling silver by skilled artisans

Size - Length 350mm including the silver hook, Width - 170mm

Width - 2.3cm, Length - 1.9cm Approximate weight: 6.6g

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