Planetarium Projector


The Planetarium Projector turns your bedroom into your very own planetarium theatre! Illuminate a darkened room by casting projections of the stars in the night sky and space-themed images across the ceiling and walls. This home planetarium is actually two projectors in one. The first is a rotating star map dome that projects astronomically accurate maps of the stars; star maps for both the northern and southern hemispheres are included. The second projects space-related images, including all eight planets, eight human-made space objects like rockets and satellites, and eight extragalactic phenomena like nebula and galaxies. Use nightlight mode to automatically shut off the projector after 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The compact, space-saving design can be placed on a flat surface or hung on a wall. Includes colour educational poster and instruction sheet.


2-in-1 planetarium projector Rotating star map dome; northern and southern hemispheres Long-lasting LED lights Nightlight mode and auto-off timer Focusable lenses Storage compartment for image disks 4 image disks with 8 space-related images each; 32 images total USB power cable

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