Polka Dot & Classic Patterns Sliwils Shoelace


Shoelace or Fashion Accessory? Sliwils was created to fulfil a function that goes beyond tying shoelaces. The philosophy behind it is to give colour, to personalise, to adapt to fashion, to trends, to differentiate oneself, to have fun, to exchange and apply infinite ideas that we may have to be unique.

Sliwils colourful shoelaces are designed to look striking against any shoe.
Unlike other laces, Sliwils are filled with twisted fibres and closed at their ends with metal tabs – ensuring long lasting resistance and elasticity.
Made in Spain
Materials: bias woven fabric
Dimensions: 120cm in length
Suitable for standard sized shoes with 5-7 eyelets
Beautifully Gift boxed : 14cm x 4cm x 4cm

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