Reading Tarot: Find Your Inner Fortune Teller Through the Cards

Explore your past, present, and future with this complete guide to understanding and reading tarot cards.

Reading Tarot not only teaches you how to perform tarot readings but also provides clarity on what matters the most in your life. Whether offering insight into relationships and careers paths or providing a sense of calm and clarity for the day, reading tarot cards is an easy way to practice self-care and self-reflection.

Professional tarot card reader April Wall provides guidance throughout all aspects of tarot reading and what you can discover about yourself along the way. For years, April has performed tarot readings for clients in search of answers and teaches how to explore your past, present, and future.This beautifully illustrated guide compiles her years of experience to teach you how to accurately interpret 78 major and minor arcana tarot cards and connect your insights to real-life experiences.

Complete with numerous examples, traditional card spread types, and tips to apply what you learn in various love, work, and life scenarios, Reading Tarot gives you all the tools you will need to conduct impactful readings on yourself and others. Take hold of your mystical journey and find the answers in the cards!

ALL OF YOUR TAROT QUESTIONS ANSWERED: The only tarot guidebook you will ever need! With thorough explanations, a history of the practice, and application tips, this book is the complete package

EXPERT GUIDANCE: Written by an expert  in metaphysical practice, this book is an authentic and reliable guide to the practice of tarot

EASY TO LEARN: With step-by-step instructions and clear explanations, this guidebook is perfect for any skill level

PERFECT GIFT: This book makes the perfect gift for any tarot enthusiast in your life
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