Roman Imperial Guard Praetorian Helmet w/ Wooden Stand


The Praetorian Guard was an elite unit of the Imperial Roman Army whose members served as personal bodyguards to the Roman Emperors.

During the era of the Roman Republic, the Praetorians served as a small escort force for high-ranking officials such as senators or provincial governors like procurators and also serving as bodyguards for high ranking officers within the Roman legions.

This finely handcrafted helmet is wearable as a costume for re-enactments, Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) or just for fun. It is recommended to wear a beanie for head protection when wearing the helmet. If you’d prefer to keep it on display, it comes with a polished solid wood stand. 


  • Pack Contents: Helmet & wooden stand
  • Colour: Brass with red plume/mane
  • Materials: Brass, recycled and treated mango wood
  • Key Attributes: Hand Crafted, Decorative, Antique Brass Finish
  • Uses: Home Decor, Gift, Souvenir, Collectable, History, Art and Craft.


  • Overall: 220(L) x 400(W) x 500(H) mm (Approx)
  • Product Weight: 2.6 kg (inc. stand)
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