Screech Owl 31cm by Hansa

Screech Owls are the smallest owls found in North America. During the day, these owls conceal themselves in trees, with their plumage camouflaging them well against the bark. When confronted by a slightly larger bird of prey (such as a barn owl), they will puff up their plumage to look larger and scare the potential predator away. However, if the opponent is significantly larger, the screech owls will make themselves look skinny (like a tree branch) by elongating the body and flattening their feathers. They will also squint their eyes and even sway back and forth to imitate the natural movements of a branch.
  • Handcrafted in Philippines
  • Extremely lifelike
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Measures 31cm
  • Movable head

Hansa Toys stand apart from the competition because of the quality, attention to detail, and pin point accuracy of specific animal characteristics that are used in each production. Artists create each Hansa animal from portraits of the creature in its natural habitat. Hansa meticulously hand-cuts and trims the coats of each animal, never by machine, and they have specially trained Hansa artisans to create the subtle colouring on the animals by hand painting or airbrushing. On average, there are 42 separate pieces required to make each animal. Some animals have as many as 240 different parts!

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