Seal Puppet 40cm by Hansa


Seals are a semi-aquatic species, also commonly referred to as pinnipeds. There are three general categories of seals, classified as Phocidae, consisting of the true seals, Otariidae, consisting of fur seals and sea lions, and Odobenidae, which currently includes only walruses. They are easily recognised from their finned feet and distinct build, allowing them to thrive in the sea.

Hansa puppets are individually hand sewn, to give each one a unique "personality"

When you hold this wonderfully "life-like" animal, you will see and feel HANSA's emphasis on quality, which is a result of careful attention to design, custom fabric selection, cutting, sewing, stuffing, eye placement, feature creation, framing, air brushing and finishing. Since each animal is hand sewn, there will be slight variations in appearance.

Size: 40cm

Ages: 3+

Please note: Hansa Puppets are floppy and do not stand on their own as shown in some of the official product photos. While this puppet has moveable arms and head, the mouth does not open and close.

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