Smoky Quartz 3 Gemstone Earrings


Stunning combination of 3 gorgeous gemstones that add up to a fabulously classic pair of hand crafted earrings. On the top is the Labradorite in a teardrop setting, then a lovely square Indian Ruby and below a pair of gorgeous Smoky Quartz teardrop gemstones that sparkle and glow.

This combination really works well because it will go with almost any outfit. Not too long but just right. The setting is made from 925 sterling silver and is 18k gold plated.

Feel the benefits of all 3 gemstones and help ward off stress with Smoky Quartz. Indian Ruby is said to symbolise wealth, passion, and moral integrity and Labradorite’s unique charm lies in its stunning play of colours known as labradorescence and will enhance self-awareness and psychic abilities.

Earrings Length - 4cm, Width - 1cm

Materials - Smoky Quartz, Indian Ruby, Labradorite, Sterling silver, 18k gold plating.

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