Spartan 300 Miniature Helmet w/ Wooden Stand


Movie buffs and history enthusiast alike will love this classic replica Spartan Helmet. Based on the one depicted in 300, this reproduction of King Leondias' helmet is an incredible addition to any film memorabilia collection or historical decor. 

 It'll have pride of place in the pool room, even if the shelves are getting full thanks to the compact, yet still impressive size. It comes with a simple wooden stand, so it's ready for display. 

The antique finish and marked brass gives a real sense of the time, but the superstar here is of course the magnificent plume. Surprise a special someone with this incredibly unique gift, or just amaze your friends the next time they come for a drink. 

Note: This item is a reproduction, handmade by master artisans who employ techniques and traditions that are often centuries old. That means there may be some natural blemishes or imperfections. These are not product flaws, just part of the magic that makes each piece so unique.

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