The Contemplative Tarot - A Christian Guide to the Cards


"This insightful book will help you to see both the cards - and Christian spirituality - in surprising new ways."
- Carl McColman, author of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism and Eternal Heart

In the chaos of daily life, many Christians long for the time and mental clarity to reflect on scripture, to worship, and to pray. The Tarot can become an unexpected tool in this journey, inviting us to pause, contemplate, and find insight and wisdom in our walk. In The Contemplative Tarot, author Brittany Muller draws deeply on Christian tradition and theology to create a tarot practice built on spiritual reflection, prayer, and worship.

The Tarot has held countless meanings to countless readers over the course of its existence, but The Contemplative Tarot offers a uniquely Christian interpretation of the cards, including Bible verses and meditations on each of their spiritual meanings. Brittany provides practical guidance on how to use the cards in a Christian context, whether as prompts for personal prayer, daily reminders of spiritual truths, or as part of a more structured practice such as the Ignatian examen.

The Contemplative Tarot offers a thoughtful, introspective new interpretation of the Tarot and an invitation to create powerful moments of reflection and worship in your daily life.

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