The Incredible Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Collection


"There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact". - Sherlock Holmes, The Boscombe Valley Mystery

Sherlock Holmes is in possession of a pack of cards that once belonged to his diabolical nemesis Professor Moriarty. Is his nemesis back from the dead? Or is this all an elaborate trick left behind to plague the great detective? Can you decode the secrets to find out?

Join Holmes and his ever-loyal assistant Dr John Watson as you attempt to solve the over 50 intriguing mysteries. With hidden messages, mysterious conundrums, and all manner of puzzles to solve you'll need to hone your own powers of logic and deduction to solve the puzzles that wait within

These narrative puzzles are accompanied by delightful illustrations inspired by the original Sherlock Holmes tales, recreating the cosy Victorian charm that the stories are so loved for.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The Arcturus Classic Conundrums series brings together mind-bending narrative puzzles inspired by classic figures from history and literature, from ancient antiquity to modern greats.

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