Wooden Hand Carved Box - Green Frog


Wildlife Garden's wooden boxes are genuine craft pieces whose material has a unique character and feel. Each piece is produced in a way that allows them to age beautifully. Their hand-carved exterior creates a beautiful surface texture that amplifies the natural feel of the material.

About the Piece

Artisans craft these wooden boxes from cherry wood, a fast-growing deciduous hardwood that grows in tall, dense clusters. It boasts a warm reddish hue with striking variations in its dark grain patterns, accentuated by dark "spots" formed by resin pockets.

The artisans craft the boxes entirely from wood using a method inspired by traditional shrink pots. This approach utilises the wood's natural contraction during the drying process. Notably, they join the box's components without using nails or screws to accommodate the wood's natural flexibility under varying humidity conditions.

A skilfully wood-carved animal adorns the top of the rounded box, serving as a tactile knob for opening the container.

The box comes treated with wood oil, and we recommend that you rejuvenate the oil occasionally.


Frog - 130  x 130 x 85mm

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