Frog Earrings


Frog Earrings, Colourful Hoop Earrings with Frog Charms | Morning Garden

A tiny robin is sipping dewdrops on the morning glory flowers while a smiling lucky clover greets a little white snail. And there, a ladybug is busy doing something—a stag beetle strolls by, noticing a small frog enjoying a bath. The greeny frog gazes at a light blue-winged dragonfly gracefully soaring in the soft morning sunlight, enjoying both the sight and the scent of the morning above the water pond. Meanwhile, a blue-spotted butterfly flutters playfully through the warm, sunny sky in the Morning Garden during the beautiful morning hours.


Heartmade + handcrafted in every detail, every handmade item is quirky and unique, which makes it special. Handcrafted and fully processed produce in Thailand.

// materials: polished brass with 18k gold plating ( Brass is an alloy made mainly of copper and zinc )
// finishing: high-quality enamel and special coating technique
// colour: red, green, deep green, 18kgold
// earring type: hoop earrings with charm

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